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Dr Hannah Cock and Dr Tim Von Oertzen

Dr Cock and Dr Von Oertzen are at the forefront of clinical treatment and research of epilepsy at St George's Hospital, Tooting, London. The group moved to St George's Hospital in 2003 as part of a joint initiative between the Hospital and St George's Medical School. Both Dr Cock and Dr Von Oertzen both have a strong research and development focus and thus have received funding from the Wellcome Trust, Brain Research Trust, Epilepsy Research Foundation, St George's Charitable Foundation, and various pharmaceutical sponsors. The insight that Dr Cock and Dr Von Oertzen have in the area of epilepsy has proved invaluable to current clinical research in this area and has lead to the publication of a number of peer reviewed articles.

Group expertise includes the development of in vivo models of epilepsy, including long term behavioral, EMG and EEG monitoring; in vivo CNS microdialysis; spectrophotometric enzyme analysis (mitochondrial matrix and respiratory chain enzymes); HPLC with electrochemical detection (reduced glutathione, 3-nitrotyrosine, (a marker of nitrosative damage)). They also have experience in cell culture, and basic molecular neurobiology (DNA, RNA and protein studies), brain imaging (Dr Von Oertzen), and are currently establishing an HPLC based method for isoprostane measurement (a marker of lipid peroxidation) in collaboration with the analytical biochemistry group.

Dr Cock has gained a strong reputation in the field over the years and heavily contributes to promoting the understanding of epilepsy through mass media reporting whether it be on the radio or via internet based articles.